Coupon Code tutorial | Save your money!

Coupon Code tutorial | Save your money!

Animejoyclub Supporter on 11th Mar 2021

Dear Customer,

When you decide to purchase and want to use a coupon code. 

Here are following steps: 

Step 1: When you finish adding to cart items, then doing check out, please select the blue rectangle area.

Step 2: At the Checkout page, the right red arrow point the Promo/Gift Certificate Option, Please click there


At the red area, click Promo/Gift Certificate type the coupon code in it. 

Attention for conditions:

  • 1.If you see a situation like this, please be aware of animejoyclub coupon code condition:
  • Purchase over $25 dollars get 20% off!


  • This item is not worth over $25, not meet the condition.
  • 2.If the product value over $25 dollars, it will work for you and save your money!