2021 Pokemon Go Auto-Catch bracelet recommendation

2021 Pokemon Go Auto-Catch bracelet recommendation

Animejoyclub on 6th Apr 2021

   You may have a question about What is the best Pokemon Go auto-catcher?

   Sometimes we just get tired of catch pokemon and boost levels and spin those pokestops by ourselves.

   What we want to play the game is expanding their gameplay experience and making it easier.

   Here we list some auto-bracelets that may be helping you find the best Pokemon Go auto-catcher!

  • 1.Waterdrop Shape Auto-catch Bracelet:

   Waterdrop shape bracelet is the 1st generation of Pokemon Go auto-catch bracelet, lets you enjoy pokemon Go while you’re on the move and not looking at your smartphone! 

   After the Pokemon Go auto-catch bracelet released product demo on Youtube, influencers, trainers are getting crazy about this product. Moreover, Simple and efficient are the best advantages of this product.

There are three simple lights that indicate game status.

-The Green light shows there is a pokemon nearby.

-The Red light shows failed to capture.

-The Rainbow light shows successful to capture.

Now, most of pokemon shops have two versions of water drop shape bracelet.[1.Manual | 2.Auto-catch]

The only difference between these two versions is auto-catch version does not have vibration,and the manual one does.If you purchase a manual bracelet, vibration and led lights will indicate your status nearby and you have to catch it by yourself.So we recommend you purchase the auto-catch version.If you want to spent less money and just want to try a auto-catch bracelet, this is a good choice.

Recommendation Level: ★★

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2.Square Shape Auto-catch Bracelet:

     Square shape auto-catch bracelet is the upgrade version of waterdrop one.The system of these two versions are nearly same. The only difference between these two is the battery.

     The square one capacity of battery is more than15% of the waterdrop one. Short battery is annoy for every trainers especially when you stay outdoor without anychargers. Compare of waterdrop and square, we highly recommend you purchase the square one!

Recommendation Level:★★★★

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3.2021 New Auto-catch Bracelet: 

LED screen is the ‘spot light’of this product. Different symbols feedback more status details to trainers. 

     Let us compare with previous product, auto-catch functions are same that they all have light up and vibration to indicates the status. 

     However, in this version as soon as a Pokemon is detected the game will attempt to catch the Pokemon with one Pokeball. This is great for if you’re at work, driving or anywhere where you can’t interact with the device or your phone but want to be catching Pokemon in the background.

Auto Spins Pokestops

     If you are in the range of a pokestop you could just leave the bracelet to spin the stop every 5 minutes and by thetime you leave work. 

     After few hours or a day, you will have more than enough eggs pokeballs potions and revives to last you a while.

The Wristband and General Aesthetic

    Some people may not like previous design of auto-catch bracelet, especially age over 25 year old guy walking around the street and get a little embarrassed with a ‘cute’ pokemon bracelet.This one is design basic on the fitness tracker. You can wear it on daily works without to be afraid boss’s suspect and eliminate childish feelings.

     As 2021 pokemon go new version product, you can have flexible function selection and big range capacity of holding time! The only disadvantage of this product we think it might be a little complex when you setting the functions. It might not what you expected is a ‘lazy product’.

    However, it still a fashion and powerful auto-catch tool for trainers!

Recommendation Level:★★★

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